Dehydrated corn silage

Product description

Corn silage is a common ingredient used in many feedlot rations. It provides excellent source of energy for your animal. Our goal is to make excellent quality GMO free product to your animal and help you to improve feed efficiency.

Product features

Dehydrated corn silage packed in square bales.

Bale size 1.2 m X 1.1 m X 1.15 m

Suitable for feeding cattle (dairy or meet purpose), camels, sheeps, goats, race horses, deers.

Can be used for solving feed quality problems replacing regular corn silage to dehydrated corn silage. Dehydrated corn silage quality remains stable under aerobic conditions, feed quality remains unchanged up to 2 years in a proper storage.

Feeding levels

The product best fed in a balanced ration.

Feeding method

Can be mixes with alfalfa hay or other feeds in the paddock or on feed pad.

Storage conditions

Covered or under the roof