About us

Uzgiriu Agriculture Company based in 1992, Lithuania, European Union. We are producer and exporter of premium quality animal feeds mostly dehydrated corn silage and regular corn silage. We also export other agricultural goods such as yellow corn, wheat, oats, sugar beet pulp pellets, molasses, wheat bran, providing full service and support to our client needs.

Our main pride of the company manufactured products is Dehydrated corn silage, Uzgiriu agriculture company understood the needs of this product in the dairy cattle feeding ration at extremely hot or cold climate zones, so we were the FIRST COMPANY IN A WORLD which produced PREMIUM quality, GMO free Dehydrated corn silage. Our dehydration technology allows to secure all the nutrients in the product, so it helps customer to have healthy animals, sustainable growth, great profits and a goodnight sleep.

Uzgiriu agriculture company wish to deliver quality products with sustainability in the pride of place and at competitive prices.

In co-operation with other Lithuanian agriculture companies we are producing premium quality concentrated feeds (compound feeds) for dairy and beef cattle.

By understanding the nutrient needs of animals, we can formulate diets that help maximize profits while supporting your animal ability to thrive and stay healthy.

So far we are successful working at European market and from 2013 at Middle East. We are open to new connections with customers worldwide.

Our values

Team work

Our team unites specialists of different areas who supplement and support each other-the mostly strong side, helping to achieve these goals. Trusting our team and work we make you rely on us.


We appreciate our employees who trust our company and we believe that a team of loyal and responsible personnel magnetically attracts customers and partners of the same type.


We think that professionalism is not only an excellent knowledge of one’s sphere, but also responsibility, quality, expedition and simplicity of communication.

Determination of our life

Force is our determination to develop. We have enough bravery to present ideas, also plenty of ambitions to implement it.

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